How far in advance do we book a party?

The sooner, the better.  We cannot hold your date without a deposit.

Can I sample a menu before booking a party?

Yes, just call the office and schedule a tasting.

Are the menus written in stone, or is there flexibility?

There is always flexibility; we welcome your ideas.

Can we rent the space and bring in our own food?

No, A Taste of Honey is the exclusive caterer at Nansen Lodge.

What is the difference between The Cottage and The Banquet Hall?

The Cottage has rustic décor and can be used in conjunction with the outdoor pavilions.  The banquet hall has modern décor including televisions, and a state of the art sound and lighting system.

A Taste of Honey cater a party at my home or office?

Yes, A Taste of Honey is fully licensed and insured to cater off-premises events.

Do you have minimum requirements for your venue?

Yes, for a four hour outdoor event, the minimum is 50 people.

For a seven hour outdoor event, the minimum is 150 people.

The minimum for The Banquet Hall is 75 people.

The minimum for The Cottage is 30 people.

Why do I need a maitre ’d?

Every event needs a maitre ‘d, or captain.  We need to have one person in charge of the staff and a liaison between you, the DJ, and the kitchen.

Do you have “house” vendors?

Feel The Beat DJ company is our house DJ in the banquet hall.  You are permitted to bring in another DJ company, but they are not permitted to use the lighting and sound system.

Can we bring in rides for outdoor events?

Yes, but every company must have proof of insurance.

Is there more than one event going on a time?

There may be a picnic the same time as a banquet hall party, but there are never two parties going on in the banquet hall, cottage, or picnic grounds.